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Juno - Bleeker Kid
You finally have an excuse to use it—what userpic do you not get to use very often but can't delete because it's just that awesome?
And the only reason I don't get to use this one very often is that I just got it.
26th-Jan-2009 04:37 pm - For those who will appreciate it...
The Default Silverback
The strange history of lorem ipsum, from PRI's "The World". I really enjoyed the story.
20th-Jan-2009 11:13 am - Change has come to America
The Default Silverback
Congratulations to President Barack Hussein Obama. May the gods protect you, sir.
3rd-Jan-2009 12:09 pm - Matt Smith, 26, Eleventh Doctor
Here's a Doctor
From the BBC
25th-Dec-2008 07:03 am - Merry Christmas to all
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To all my friends and family:

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have an excellent day!
4th-Nov-2008 10:10 pm - And so...
The Default Silverback
Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States.

Thank you, America.
4th-Nov-2008 09:54 am - Voted.
The Default Silverback
Don't fuck this up America.
28th-Oct-2008 08:31 pm - A Public Service Announcement
Serenity - Hood Ornament
chaos_current r0xx0rz my s0xx0rz.

Thank you, sir.

That is all.

The Default Silverback
From the NYT: Obama receives advice from a "former president".

Many thanks to my sister for sending this one to me.

The Default Silverback

I found out about the letter below from a story on NPR's All Things Considered. They have spoken to the woman that is attributed as the writer and have confirmed that she did write it. They did not confirm the veracity of the claims below, that was not part of the scope of the story. However, most of them seem to jibe with the coverage I have seen elsewhere in the media.


What follows is an open letter written by a resident of Wasilla, Alaska named Anne Kilkenny.Collapse )


Serenity - Hood Ornament

Adam from Mythbusters talks about Discovery getting intimidated by the credit card companies into not airing an episode about the security flaws in RFID.

Ignore the back half of the video with the second unrelated question.
Mac Snob
So, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad & Co. bring the lulz by deciding that what the world needs now is LOLMISSLS (or Missile Macros, if you prefer).


Apparently, according to the New York Times, there are only three missiles in this picture. It seems the one outlined in red, is identical to the two sections outlined in orange. John Nack of Adobe brings even more lulz with his commentary.

3rd-Jul-2008 05:54 pm - Enjoy the Cylons
Pinky & The Brain - BSG
4th-Jun-2008 06:53 pm - DANCE OF JOY!
Happy birthday to mzwyndi and trainerjonathan!!!
24th-May-2008 01:36 pm - On Vox: YAY!!!

My package is stimulated!

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24th-May-2008 12:34 pm - On Vox: Oh no, not I...

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From Darth Mojo, the blog of man who has worked in the SFX industry for many years, including Babylon 5 and the new Battlestar Galactica. Video is visually SFW, put on some headphones and put down your drinks.
15th-May-2008 06:15 pm - Dollhouse Trailer
2nd-May-2008 11:34 am - FCBD 2008 is tomorrow!
Preacher Animated
Free Comic Book Day 2008

It's tomorrow. Support your local shop.
Wembley Wash

The 10 Most Insane, Child-Warping Moments of '80s Cartoons

It is amazing how many of these I actually remember.

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Owen tries to shoot Ianto

Uwe Boll To Quit Making Movies With 1M Signatures

I haven’t seen any of the dreck he has made, but I had to sign. You just don’t say shit like that. So, go sign it. It's just to good to pass up.

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